UK Challenge 2017
Results & Commentary

Stage 1 - United Airlines: Take off with United Airlines...

One and a half hours of running through Stirling city playing scrabble. The contestants received the letters to spell 'check in'. They can double or triple their points with each word they spell around the course!

Mark Irvin from United Airlines - "Beautiful scenery, what a fantastic venue"

Stage 2 - Help for Heroes: Hero Bear's Castle Conundrum

Another one and a half hours, but this time of mental endurance. Our contestants were roaming around Stirling Castle visiting the Palace of Skills and Dexterity, the Great Hall Mind Chamber, Observation Gallery, the Chapel of Answers and last but not least the very nicely themed Queen Anne Quiz Wall.

Mike Cope, UCL - "The events at Stirling castle were excellent last night. Great location to kick off the event" and the teams said "Best first night ever"

Stage 3 - Adidas: Climbing to the Top

The aim of this stage was to reduce finish times by getting clients from various sports as high up the world ranking as possible. Teams were running, cycling and canoeing around the Ben Lomond National Park to select their sports, players and build their world ranking. Our trickiest point was the Ben Lomond Munro itself, with a whopping 974 meter climb!

Stage 4 - Clinigen: The Drug Development Cycle

Drug development - Clinical trials - Drug registration - Completion. By running, swimming canoeing and cycling the teams can bring new drugs to market, ensuring they keep their bank books balanced! The aim of the stage is to develop and launch as many new products as possible.

Stage 5 - T-Systems: Cyber wars!

The shadowy Cyber Terrorist group, the Holdenauts, have managed to breech the uni's firewalls. The teams now have to collect code fragments from all around the campus and solve the problem! But wait! Who has their team captains?

Senior Exec Stage - Marco Polo: The Wolf of Logie

A set-timed stage that represents the financial year, teams must invest wisely on the latest trending products, but how do they gather their inside information from and who will they decide to invest with?

The Grand Prix - United Airlines: The Final Approach

The traditional end of UK Challenge Grand Prix! Teams were asked to cycle an 8km circuit alongside the run, conquering their final battle...the summit of Dumyat!

Final Results

UK Challenge 2017 final scores.

Well done to ALL of you who took part, we hope you had a good time and hope to see you next year in Glanusk!

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