UK Challenge - Because Business is a Team Challenge

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Where will teams be staying during the event?

This year, teams will be accommodated in en suite rooms at Stirling University Halls of Residence. 

How many people make up a team?

A team consists of 6 participants and we encourage teams to include a Senior Executive as one of the 6.

What physical activities does the event involve?

Exact details of this year’s event will not be disclosed until the first evening of the event to maintain a degree of mystery. However, teams can expect to be running, cycling, swimming and kayaking, amongst other things.

What training do teams need to do?

Training plays an important part of the UK Challenge Presented by United Airlines and is a great way of engaging your wider business in the lead up to the event. Each team will be provided with a comprehensive Training Guide well in advance of the 2017 event in Stirling to assist with your preparations and our team are always on hand to provide advice.

Do teams have to fundraise?

Fundraising is a great way of engaging the wider business and motivating your team at the event, however it is at team’s discretion as to whom they fundraise for and whether they do at all.