UK Challenge - Because Business is a Team Challenge


For 25 years the UK Challenge Presented by United Airlines has been delivering powerful business benefits to hundreds of companies across a multitude of different industry sectors.

The reason why the world’s leading companies continue to return each year is straightforward; their employees return from the event motivated, more productive and better equipped to deal with the challenges faced in the workplace.

Below are 7 areas that individuals are likely to develop through taking part:

Performing under pressure

“You gain a clear picture of how your team mates perform under pressure and what strengths each person brings to the team” - Rod, Managing Director, Accenture


“It’s important to remember that everyone has a contribution to make. Encouragement is key to the success of your team” - Faye, Head of Operations, MAN Financial


“It takes a mix of all types of people and abilities both sporting and intellectual but it comes down to all working together as a team and supporting each other”Nicky, Funding Manager EMEA, EMC


“The strategic side is the real game changer” - Louise, Services Director, Atkins

Understanding Abilities

“I now have a greater understanding of each team members strengths and weaknesses and how best to utilise these to maximise the team’s performance” - Chris, Senior Consultant, Bre


“All the contacts we have made here are great for the business”Peter, Investment Project Manager, Equiniti


“I now have a greater appreciation of the value of communication – things work a lot better when everyone understands their roles!" Caroline, T Systems

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  • Atkins

    "The three days have been amazing and just seeing everyone push themselves and do things that they have not done before has been brilliant. I will definitely be back next year. We’ve got another Aktins team here from another division and it’s been great for us to get to know them."

    Louise Lawrence, Services Director, Atkins

  • EMC

    “It was absolutely brilliant, I loved it. We were all novices coming into it so none of us really had a clue as to what to expect but we gelled well and have really enjoyed it. I've got to know my team members a lot better than I ever would have done had I not done this event. Sport and exercise helps everyone to gel and come together and that's what this event has done."

    James Petter, UK Managing Director, EMC

  • Rank Group

    “We've all learnt so many lessons that we maybe didn't expect to. We felt the effects of the team building straight away in terms of knowing what to expect from people and what you are and aren’t capable of. Communication is key; it's so different from what we are used to so it’s a complete leveller in terms of what you can do and how you communicate.”

    Nick Boothroyd, Director of Talent Acquisition, Rank Group

  • BRE

    “I passed a landmark birthday this year, but the clever design of the event means that people of all ages and all abilities can be competitive, which is very rare in sport these days. Every member of the team brings different skills, attributes, and abilities which all add up to a team performance greater than the sum of the individual parts. A very valuable demonstration for the business world as well.”

    Richard Hardy, Managing Director, BRE

  • Leaseplan

    “It was fabulous. We had four teams here this year and not only have I got to know my individual team a lot better than I would in the workplace I’ve also got to know guys across the business. It’s been a fantastic experience learning how all the various Leaseplan businesses work together and I would encourage any business to come and do it.”

    Jen Gardner, Account Director, Leaseplan

  • CGI

    "I love the UK Challenge. It allows you to see a different side to people, puts people under different kind of stresses that you may not see in the workplace and it enables you to gauge how someone might cope in a pressure situation. It’s fantastic; I can’t use any other word to describe it other than fantastic."

    Si Read, IT Director, CGI

  • General Mills

    “Words cannot fully describe the intensity of the experience, how much you learn and grow in such a short space of time. The woman who left the Lake District definitely stands taller now!  I’d do it again without hesitation!”

    Kim Godfrey, Key Business Account Manager, General Mills

  • RHP

    “I’ve been here three times now. I just absolutely love being part of the team, being outside, the challenges and the physical side of things – it also feels like we’re getting better all the time and learning so much. I would encourage any company to go for it. You’ll never regret it! It’s a wonderful experience I couldn’t speak more highly of.”

    David Done, CEO, RHP